Shared Stories of the Civil War

The Shared Stories of the Civil War project features stories created from historical letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and other materials. These voices from history provide insight into how 19th century Americans living in Kansas and Missouri struggled to define the meaning of freedom during the Bleeding Kansas and Civil War years.

The stories are written as reader’s theater scripts intended for use by libraries, museums, art centers, senior centers, and high school or college classrooms. Historians have reviewed all scripts.

Created a Shared Stories event in your community. Here’s everything you need:

  1. Review the How to Host a Shared Stories Event page.
  2. Choose a Shared Stories topic.
  3. Create a press release (download Word doc).
  4. Download the Shared Stories logo.
  5. Report back and let us know how it went (download Word doc).

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The Shared Stories of the Civil War project is a partnership between Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area and the Kansas Humanities Council.