Onward Haskell: The Making of an Indian Nations University

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April 9, 2018

Presented by Eric Anderson

The United States Indian Industrial Training School welcomed its first 22 students to Lawrence in 1884. Now known as Haskell Indian Nations University, the school continues to educate American Indian and Alaska Native young people who move to Kansas from all over the country. This presentation examines the early days of Haskell: the goals of the U.S. government in providing an American Indian-specific school, the responses by native peoples, and the effects of assimilation policy on them. The first 25 years were tumultuous and presented hardships for the students and their families. However, these American Indian students proved resilient, and some even used their experiences to agitate for change within the government's Indian Service.

Dole Institute of Politics
2350 Petefish Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045
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Sponsored by: University Women's Club, KU

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