Water/Ways Smithsonian Exhibition

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January 6, 2018

"Water/Ways" is a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition about the ways water shapes our lives. Explore stories of how water impacts our work, our play, our celebrations, and where we live.

Also on display is the companion exhibition, "SubMerged," featuring a mock flood zone and stories of Geary County's long history of flooding due to its location on the junction of two rivers. An interactive ferry and the chance to use dowsing rods givie visitors a chance to get involved in learning about the history of water. A 20 foot timeline shows the events leading up to the creation of Milford Dam as means to prevent future flooding.

Geary County Historical Society & Museums
530 N Adams
Junction City, KS 66441-1161
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Sponsored by: Geary County Historical Society & Museums

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