Serving America While Serving Time

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August 12, 2017, 7:00 PM CT

Presented by Kori Thompson

As the United States came closer to entering World War I, men across the country volunteered for service, including six inmates from the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory. When news of the inmates' wishes to sign up for duty came to light in the local Hutchinson News, many people in the area questioned their morality and ability to serve. This presentation tells the story of these men and why, in 1918, the Kansas adjutant general instructed the draft boards and recruitment offices to induct them into service. Eventually, nearly 250 inmates and former inmates of the Kansas Industrial Reformatory were either drafted or enlisted and served in some capacity during World War I, and some even died in combat.

Park City Public Library
2107 E 61st St N
Park City, KS 67219-1904
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Sponsored by: Park City Public Library

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