From Fort Laramie to Standing Rock: The Dakota Access Pipeline

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April 8, 2017, 2:30 PM CT

Presented by Jay Antle

For most Americans, the debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline comes down to images of protesters facing off against militarized police, or perhaps Facebook memes supporting one side or the other. This talk will take a step back from recent contested events to trace the historical origins of divergent ideas about land use, Federal Indian Law, energy development, tribal self-determination, and national politics that set the stage for these events. Those wishing to have preconceived ideas reinforced may be disappointed by what they hear. This talk will use a number of maps and legal documents to provide context for the audience that will encourage thoughtful discussion of these issues.

Acorn Resort
3710 Farnum Creek Rd
Milford, KS 66514
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Sponsored by: Kansas Wildlife Federation

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Cindy Higgins
(785) 542-2606