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September 21, 2013, 11:30 AM CT

In Hutchinson, Kansas, there is a movement afoot to rename the town Smallville, in honor of Superman's boyhood home. These public programs explore the cultural impact of graphic novels and comic books, literary formats that inspired generations and made Superman famous.

"Superman: Secret Identity," book discussion.
Facilitated by Joe Sutliff Sanders, English Professor at Kansas State University.
-This highly acclaimed Superman graphic novel opens in place that looks very much like Hutchinson.

"Drawn to Marvel: Pop-Classicism and the Poetry of Comics," public talk.
Presented by Bryan Dietrich, English Professor at Newman University, Wichita.
-Explores the poetry and mythology of superhero archetypes.

"Capote in Kansas: Behind the Page," discussion
Presented by Ande Parks, author and graphic artist.
-Discussion of graphic novel development using the graphic novel "Capote in Kansas," which was named a Kansas Notable Book in 2006.

"The Gleeful Science of Comics," discussion.
Presented by Joe Sutliff Sanders.
-In the 1950s, superheros moved away from magic and embraced abilities based in science. What global forces inspired this change in comics?

"Self-Publishing Comix in the 1980s," discussion.
Presented by John Eberly, artist and independent comic book author.
-The 1980s saw the rise of underground comics. Eberly provides an overview of the entire confusing styles and formats with only one thing in common: the use of the photocopier for low-budget production.

Comic art on display, to include the work of "Hutchinson as Smallville" Advocate Christopher Wietrick.

Hutchinson Public Library
901 N Main St
Hutchinson, KS 67501-4401
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Sponsored by: Hutchinson Public Library

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Annette Smith
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