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The Little Dipper of the Flint Hills

The kitchen staff of Strong City’s Ad Astra Food and Drink lounge amicably at tables during a power outage. They have all heard of the artesian well nearby but cannot give precise directions to it. Someone suggests that it’s near … Read full article »

Strange Things Rising in the Flood

Stepping to the microphone, John Eck declares, “Only the good die young, but I’ve already lived too long. They say it’s a hundred-year flood, thank god, because I won’t see the next one.” He’s in a church in the southeast … Read full article »

Waconda Springs, From Sacred to Submerged

Waconda Springs in 1921 (Image courtesy of KansasMemory, Kansas Historical Society, Copy and Reuse Restrictions Apply.) For centuries, tribes from the Central Plains revered the Waconda Springs, located in what is now Mitchell County in north central Kansas. The name … Read full article »

Dams, Democracy, and Cold Cuts

Jack Wempe saw democracy in action in a church basement between a podium and a cold cut tray. It featured a performance by the Notables, a band from nearby Hutchison, and a PowerPoint presentation by a K-State graduate student. Democracy … Read full article »

Don’t Forget Broughton

In 1966, government bulldozers arrived in Broughton, near Clay Center in north central Kansas. The engineers operating the bulldozers carried maps, which marked almost every house in town with circles. The circles indicated homes slated for demolition. The town emptied … Read full article »

Horse Fossils and Buffalo Grass: Life on the Equus Beds Aquifer

For a librarian, Libby Albers sure loves aquifers. Before becoming the director of Hesston Public Library in south central Kansas, Albers worked in water and environmental resources management. She still maintains a passion for water in her current work. When … Read full article »

Stanton County: Can You Dig It?

To understand Stanton County’s water story and history, you need to start digging. Clues to this southwest Kansas county’s long and varied water story are found underground. Here you’ll find fossils of fish and whales, not dinosaurs. These sea animals … Read full article »

Look Down to Think Forward

In the 1880s, towns across Kansas sprang up with two hopes: to become a county seat and to attract a railroad. To do either, a town needed people and businesses, and water. Greensburg, in south central Kansas, was no exception. … Read full article »

Empty Promises, Empty Riverbeds

Once Dodge City showed promise of becoming a bustling town, enterprising minds decided irrigated farmland would be just the thing to lure even more people to the area. In the 1880s, brothers George and John Gilbert dreamed up the Eureka … Read full article »

Water + Ink

Printmaker Amanda Maciuba is an artist shaped by water. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, for most of her life looking at water meant looking west to the behemoth Lake Erie. She says it still feels odd to go to a … Read full article »