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Water + Ink

Printmaker Amanda Maciuba is an artist shaped by water. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, for most of her life looking at water meant looking west to the behemoth Lake Erie. She says it still feels odd to go to a … Read full article »

“Water Clear and Pure, & Excellent for Drinking:” Exploring the Solomon

  Robert McBratney, born in Columbus, Ohio in 1818, held quite a few jobs during his career: lawyer, printer’s apprentice, delegate to the 1861 presidential election, newspaperman, and, by 1861, registrar of the Land Office in Junction City in northeast … Read full article »

A Laboratory on the High Plains: Joe Kuska of Colby

Raised on a farm in the Great Plains, Joseph B. Kuska graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Nebraska. He joined the staff at the Colby Branch Station in 1914. The Colby Branch Station, an agricultural experiment … Read full article »

Saving Water, Providing Jobs: A KERCulean Effort

KERC workers clear timber at the site of Lake Wabaunsee, 1934 (photo courtesy Greg Hoots) In 1934, Kansas faced two major problems: a lack of jobs and a lack of water. The Water Conservation Program, spearheaded by the Kansas Emergency … Read full article »

Lawrence’s Reluctance to Take the Plunge into Equality

In 1949, riots erupted in St. Louis when the city desegregated its public pools. As many as 5,000 white swimmers attacked black youths who tried to swim in the newly integrated pools. The unrest injured 20 people and took 400 … Read full article »

Dam, that Took a Long Time

Each year, thousands of anglers, hikers, and boaters enjoy Wyandotte County Lake, a manmade lake that has been a getaway destination in northeast Kansas for nearly 75 years. Today, life on the lake is carefree, but building it was a … Read full article »

A Deluge of Things to Do

Photo provided by Eudora Area Historical Society In mid-July 1951, Hazel Harris went to visit her husband Jerry in the hospital in nearby Lawrence, just west of their home in Eudora. Any other day the drive would have been a … Read full article »

Inside the Dam

Ken Wenger, Park Manager at Milford Lake in northeast Kansas, loves that every day his job can look different. One day he can hop in the pickup and patrol the park, another day he can be on a boat inspecting … Read full article »

Grant Avenue by Boat: 25 Years Since the 1993 Junction City Flood

In mid-July 1993, 32” of precipitation fell in Geary County in northeast Kansas, home to the Milford Dam and nearby Junction City. On July 19, with the lake at crisis level, Milford Dam Project Manager Brad Myers maximized the water … Read full article »

Talking the Talk: Figures of (Sports) Speech

This year, KHC features weekly posts related to the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition Hometown Teams, currently touring Kansas. The United States bears a deserved reputation as a sports-obsessed nation. We love our sports so much that when we can’t play the … Read full article »

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