When the Well Runs Dry

“When the well runs dry we shall know the value of water.”
–Benjamin Franklin

Ask a Kansan — any Kansan — about water and they’ll have plenty to say. When the Well Runs Dry, a documentary short film supported by a KHC Humanities grant, explores regional and national water issues through the perspectives of the residents of the southeast Kansas community of Florence.

Filmmaker Stever Lerner teamed up with the award-winning documentary filmmaker Ruben Aronson and the Florence Historical Society to capture the vital connection that rural Kansans have with water. Lerner hopes the film will spark a discussion among all Kansans. “Even though most of Kansas is out of drought we are in a time where water is a great issue both regionally and nationally,” he said.

Watch the 60 second trailer for When the Well Runs Dry:


Screenings of When the Well Runs Dry are being held across the state. Visit the When the Well Runs Dry Facebook page or KHC’s Calendar of Events for updates.