Humanities Happenings: 10/09-10/11

Still image from Ilusiones S.A. film trailer. Trailer courtesy

Still image from Ilusiones S.A. film trailer. Trailer courtesy

From cornhusking in Oakley to a film festival in Overland Park, there are plenty of humanities events to keep you busy this weekend!

North Newton: Title IX & College Athletics: Individual Journeys
Allison McFarland, Professor of Business and Economics at Bethel College, presents on female student athletes and the impact of Title IX legislation. This Hometown Teams event supports Bethel College’s  partner site exhibit, “Root for the Home Team: Building Community Through Sports.” October 9th at Bethel College’s Luyken Fine Arts Center at 11:00am. Click here for details.

Basehor: The Grass Dancer
In Susan Powers’ book, Harley Wind Soldier, Charlene Thunder, and the Sioux dancers gathered for the powwow are swept up in romantic rivalry and a powerful journey of mystery and hope that weaves together young and old, the living and the dead. 333 pp. This book is from the TALK series, “Urban Indians: Native American Writers of the 1990s.” Sara W. Tucker will lead the TALK book discussion. October 9th at Basehor Community Library at 10:00am. Click here for details.

Independence: First Night Game Commemoration
The first night game in organized baseball was played on April 28, 1930, in Independence, Kansas. The game was between the Muskogee Chiefs (Muskogee, Oklahoma) and the Independence Producers. To commemorate the event, town teams from Muskogee and Independence will play again. Throughout the game, announcers will provide historic facts from the 1930 game. This Hometown Teams event supports “Independence, Baseball, & History” a partner site exhibit at the Independence Historical Museum & Art Center. Sponsored by the Independence Historical Museum & Art Center. October 10th at Independence Community College’s Emerson Field at 1:00pm. Click here for details.

Augusta: Far From the Madding Crowd
In Thomas Hardy’s novel, Gabriel Oak watches Bathsheba, the impulsive young mistress of Weatherby Farm, enter into an unhappy marriage–as unaware as she that fate will finally bring them together. 374 pp. This book is from the TALK series, “British Classics.” Anne Hawkins will lead the TALK book discussion. October 10th at Augusta Public Library at 10:30am. Click here for details.

Overland Park: Ilusiones S.A.
Mr. Balboa had a heartless grandson who, at the time, was kicked out of the house (a fact concealed from his wife). Since then, Balboa has been forwarding himself letters sent supposedly by his grandson in order to please his wife. The real grandson decides to return home (looking for money) but the boat where he was traveling sinks. Balboa hires an impersonator and master of good intended illusions (Mauritius) and together with a cute girl (Isabel), they pretend to be the missing grandson and his “happy wife” to the grandmother who is very pleased with the guests. But then comes the surprise…the real grandson is alive and on his way back home. Luz Maria Alvarez, Professor of Foreign Language at Johnson County Community College, leads the film discussion. This event is part of the Latin American Cinema Festival XXIV, which features weekly films with topics that encourage a better understanding of Latino culture and traditions. Each film is introduced and discussed by a humanities scholar. All discussions are bilingual. Sponsored by Sociedad Hidalgo, Inc. October 10th at Rio Theatre at 11:00am. Click here for details.

Oakley: Cornhusking: Harvesting the Spirit of Athletic Competition
In the 1920s, farmers were national heroes and cornhusking was the next great sporting spectacle. Explore the history of the Kansas State Cornhusking competition and learn how Oakley, a Hometown Teams partner site, revived the sport after World War II. The public is invited to an encore exhibit viewing during the Kansas State Cornhusking Contest. See vintage tractors and participate in fun activities such as corn toss, corn pile money dig, and pumpkin decorating. Sponsored by Wild West Historical Foundation. Exhibit is open through October 10th at Buffalo Bill Cultural Center. Click here for details.

Humboldt: Hometown Teams
Experience the story of sports-the athletes, the coaches, and the fans who cheer them on–in Hometown Teams, a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Get up close to memorable artifacts and view over 200 photographs highlighting Americans and their love of sports. Get into the game with “Minute for Movement” sports-inspired exercise stations designed to get you moving. Humboldt Historic Preservation Alliance’s companion exhibition, “Walter ‘The Big Train’ Johnson and George ‘The Teacher’ Sweatt” is also on display. Exhibit is open through November 15th at Humboldt City Hall. Click here for details.

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