Humanities Happenings: 10/02-10/04

johnson_sweattShow your hometown spirit for the sixth and final “Hometown Teams” host site and explore this weekend’s other other eight humanities events!

Humboldt: “Hometown Teams” Exhibit Opening
Experience the story of sports-the athletes, the coaches, and the fans who cheer them on-in “Hometown Teams,” a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Get up close to memorable artifacts and view over 200 photographs highlighting Americans and their love of sports. Get into the game with “Minute for Movement” sports-inspired exercise stations designed to get you moving. Humboldt Historic Preservation Alliance’s companion exhibition, “Walter ‘The Big Train’ Johnson and George ‘The Teacher’ Sweatt” is also on display. October 3rd at Humboldt City Hall. Click here for details.

Lenexa: People of the Book
In Geraldine Brooks’ book, book restorer Hannah Heath’s project, the 500-year-old illuminated Sarajevo Haggedeh manuscript, is a repository of tragic episodes throughout human history: as a friend tells her, “this book has survived the same disaster over and over again,” referring to “this fear, this hate, this need to demonize ‘the other.'” As Heath unpacks the clues in the book that illuminate its history – an insect wing, a wine stain, a missing silver clasp-her life in Sarajevo at the end of the fratricidal Bosnian war enriches her own perspectives on humankind’s potential for violence and redemption. 372 pp. This book is from the TALK series “Entangled World.” TALK book discussion led by Beverly B. Mack. October 2nd at Lakeview Village Retirement Community at 2:00pm. Click here for details.

Wellington: Chisholm Trail Museum Archives Preservation
Learn about a multi-month preservation project to index, catalog, and rehouse much of the Chisholm Trail Museum’s photograph and document collection, improving access to researchers and to the general public. The open house event is part of the museum’s 50th anniversary celebration. October 3rd at Chisholm Trail Museum at 1:00pm. Click here for details.

Hanston: Football Homecoming
The public is invited to “Friday Night Lights, 8-Man Style,” a “Hometown Teams” partner site exhibit that documents the people and traditions that make eight-man football possible in rural Hodgeman County. Attendees are encouraged to share stories and view a special Hodgeman County “Hometown Teams” cookbook. Learn how food and tradition merge when it comes to sports. Sponsored by Hodgeman County Economic Development. October 3rd at Elk Plaza. Click here for details.

Newton: Community, Culture, and Softball
In the early 20th century when Mexico was at war with itself, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans left their homeland and migrated to the United States. In the Midwest and West, the railroad companies, meat packing industry, and mining operations vied for Mexican workers as an inexpensive labor force. As the Mexican populations grew in Kansas, so did projects to “Americanize” the children. Softball fields became the intended places to assimilate these kids, but instead the games became community spots where neighborhoods asserted their own unique identities. Gene T. Chavez, Speakers Bureau, will trace the development of Mexican American fast-pitch softball in the Sunflower State. October 3rd at Newton Public Library at 10:00am. Click here for details.

Derby: Prairie Music
Cowboy folksongs were more than entertainment on the lonely prairie: they told the story of a way of work that has since changed radically. Through trail-driving songs, night-herding songs, and bunkhouse/chuckwagon songs, cattle drovers produced a musical culture that still appeals to today’s ranchers who have traded their horses for four-wheelers and six-guns for cell phones. Join Jim Hoy, Speakers Bureau, as he discusses the important folk tradition of the prairie. Sponsored by Friends of Derby Public Library. October 3rd at Derby Public Library at 1:00pm. Click here for details.

Overland Park: El Almuerzo (The Lunch)
On May 5, 1976, the writer Haoldo Conti was kidnapped by the military dictatorship who took the government that year in Argentina. Two weeks after, Jorge Rafael Videla, the coup president, invites certain personalities of the National Culture; Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato, Horacio Ratti, Father Castellani, and General of the Presidency, Gen Villarreal to a particular lunch at the Government House. Veronica Garibotto, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Kansas, leads the film discussion. This event is part of the Latin American Cinema Festival XXIV, which features weekly films with topics that encourage a better understanding of Latino culture and traditions. Each film is introduced and discussed by a humanities scholar. All discussions are bilingual. Sponsored by Sociedad Hidalgo, Inc. October 3rd at Rio Theatre at 11:00am. Click here for details.

Dodge City: All the King’s Men
Robert Penn Warren was a novelist, but he thought of his work as a sort of history as well. “And what we students of history always learn is that the human being is a very complicated contraption and that they are not good or bad but are good and bad and the good comes out of the bad and the bad out of the good, and the devil take the hindmost.” The devil in question here is Huey Long, the notorious Louisiana governor who provided Warren a model for Willie Stark. 148 pp. This book is from the TALK series, “The 1930s.” TALK book discussion led by Linda M. Lewis. October 3rd at Dodge City Public Library at 4:00pm. Click here for details.

Seneca: F.J. Strathman Photography Collection Open House
The public is invited to learn about a multi-month project to preserve, organize, and digitize 300 glass-plate negatives from the studio of F.J. Strathman, an early 20th century photographer in Nemaha County. The open house event will feature a small display of images related to the project. October 4th at Nehmaha County Historical Society at 2:00pm. Click here for details.

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