Humanities Happenings: 08/14-08/16

Perry's school mascot, the Kaw. Photo courtesy of Perry Pride.

Perry Rural High School’s mascot, the Kaw, c.1920s. Photo courtesy of Perry Pride.

Perry, Wamego, Colby, and four other Kansas communities are ready to help you savor the final weeks of summer!

Cottonwood Falls: Baseball and the Big Picture
John Dreifort, professor of History at Wichita State University, explores baseball’s influences outside the field of play as well as the effect of external factors on the game. Learn about key issues such as demographics, communities, social mobility, race and ethnicity, baseball as a business, player-management relations, amateurs, gender, and international play. This event supports “Chase County: A League of Our Own,” a partner site exhibit that explores the baseball tradition in Chase County. The project is part of “Hometown Teams,” a statewide initiative exploring the way sports build and unite communities. August 15th at Chase County Historical Society at 1:00pm. Click here for details.

Wichita: Ghost Towns
Kansas has nearly 9000 disappeared towns and communities, caused by its unusual and spectacularly fast settlement history. The variety of town types–from colony and end-of-line towns to cumulative and rural communities–is as striking as the stories they left behind. Kansas towns are diverse and contain vital human histories of failure and persistence against the odds. M.J. Morgan, Speakers Bureau, will explore research conducted on lost Kansas places and discuss problems of recovery of information. August 15th at Alford Branch, Wichita Public Library at 1:00pm. Click here for details.

McPherson: Sainted Stadiums
Kansans place a high level of importance on their athletic architecture. From Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence to the Hornet’s Nest in Dighton, Hubbard Stadium in Smith Center to Veteran’s Stadium in Coffeyville, we cheer for our teams in a variety of buildings that commemorate fallen soldiers, lift the spirits of communities, and entertain us with the newest technologies. Jordan Poland, Speakers Bureau, will explore Kansas sports venues through time, as well as the stories of the athletes and fans who have called these places home. Join us as we walk through a timeline of athletic architecture in Kansas, across the spectrum of sports, to illustrate how these places have affected our collective memory and have been the gathering point for generations of fans. August 15th at McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation at 2:00pm. Click here for details.

Colby: Preservation Workshop
This public preservation workshop will be led by Cynthia Harris, Archivist at Kansas State University’s Hale Library. The preservation workshop is aimed at helping veterans and their families preserve material related to military service. This event is part of “The Things They Carried Home” grants initiative, and supports “World War II Veterans Memorial Highway: A Tour of Remembrance, A Corridor of Service,” a project sponsored by Solomon Valley–Hwy 24–Heritage Alliance.  August 15th at Prairie Museum of Art and History at 2:00pm. Click here for details.

Wamego: “Backyard Brawl and BBQ”
This “Hometown Teams” partner site photo exhibition documents the “Backyard Brawl,” a pre-season football tradition that unites the rival communities of Wamego and Westmoreland. Exhibition on display through September 27th. August 15th at Wamego Public Library. Click here for details.

Perry: “Hometown Teams” Exhibition Opening
Experience the story of sports — the athletes, the coaches, and the fans who cheer them on — in “Hometown Teams,” a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Get up close to memorable artifacts and view over 200 photographs highlighting Americans and their love of sports. Get into the game with “Minute for Movement” sports-inspired exercise stations designed to get you moving. Perry Pride’s companion exhibition “Together We Are Stronger: The Evolution of Sports Along the Kaw” will also be on display. Exhibitions on display through September 27th. August 15th at Historic Perry Rural High School Gym at Highland Community College, Perry Center. Click here for details.

Topeka: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
Fannie Flagg’s endearing novel travels from the 1980s back to the 1930s, when Idgie and Ruth’s Alabama cafe offered good barbecue, love, laughter, and even an occasional murder. 395 pp. Anne Hawkins leads the TALK book discussion from the TALK series, Community: The Way We Live. August 16th at Aldersgate Village at 3:00pm. Click here for details.

Wichita: Early Voting
Kansas women gained the vote in 1912, eight years before Congress passed the 19th Amendment, granting voting rights to all American women. To accomplish this feat, Kansas women had to overcome many obstacles, including the indifference of their own sex and the fear many had of being considered “unladylike.” Diane Eickhoff, Speakers Bureau, revisits the women’s suffrage campaigns of 1859, 1867, 1894, and 1912. Presentation sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Wichita. August 16th at Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum at 2:00pm. Click here for details.

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