Hello from Seoul



Hello from Seoul, South Korea! While in Seoul, we’re taking a break from our usual sports activities in favor of competitive gaming or “e-sports.” Competitive gaming is the national pastime in South Korea, replacing former favorites baseball and soccer. In 2014, 40,000 fans watched the world championship for the League of Legends video game play out on a giant screen in a Seoul soccer stadium.

KHC has collected Kansans’ step totals to walk 12,243 miles from Kansas to Seoul in honor of Hometown Teams, but we are not done yet. Our goal is to walk around the globe and you can help. You can track your minutes exercised on a Walking Scorecard. You can even pick up a pedometer to count your steps at the Hometown Teams Smithsonian exhibition in  Perry  (on display through September 27) and Humboldt (opening October 3), and at participating Hometown Teams partner sites.

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