Humanities Happenings: 07/31-08/02

Image courtesy of Watkins Museum of History.

Image courtesy of Watkins Museum of History.

A sweet treat in Lawrence, and “Hometown Teams” exhibits in Atchison, Wichita, Larned, & Eudora.

Lawrence: Sweet Remedies
Relive the glory days of the soda fountain where tonics and curatives evolved into refreshments like the Brown Cow, the Mudslide, and the Egg Cream. Government regulations, World War I luxury taxes, and bottled soda pop prompted Kansas pharmacists to make more ice cream concoctions and add food to keep their evolving fountain sideline business profitable. Cindy Higgins, Speakers Bureau, also explores soda fountains in Kansas today and the revival of soda fountains throughout the nation. July 31st at Watkins Museum of History at 7:00pm. Click here for details.

Atchison: “Hometown Teams” Host
Experience the story of sports — the athletes, the coaches, and the fans who cheer them on — in “Hometown Teams,” a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Get up close to memorable artifacts and view over 200 photographs highlighting Americans and their love of sports. Get into the game with “Minute for Movement” sports-inspired exercise stations designed to get you moving. Also on display is Atchison’s companion exhibition, “Team Colors: Wearing Our Hearts on Our Sleeves, Caps and Coats.” Both exhibits are on display through August 9th at Atchison County Historical Society. Click here for details.

Wichita: Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!
This “Hometown Teams” partner site exhibition explores the cultural significance of team mascots in sports, including the use of Native American imagery. The project is part of “Hometown Teams,” a statewide initiative exploring the way sports build and unite communities. Exhibit is on display through August 31st at the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. Click here for details.

Larned: From Survival to Sport
This “Hometown Teams” partner site exhibition examines how hunting transitioned from a survival necessity to a leisure sport enjoyed by cavalry officers and their wives. Exhibit is on display through November 1st at Fort Larned National Historic Site. Click here for details.

Eudora: Comeback Kids
This “Hometown Teams” partner site exhibition documents the rise of high school football in Eudora. From scoreless seasons in the 1940s to league champions in 2012, the team’s success gave confidence to a developing community. Exhibit is on display through September 27th at Eudora Community Museum. Click here for details. 

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