Hello from Istanbul



Hello from Istanbul! Together, we have walked 6,311 miles from Goodland, Kansas, to the largest city in Turkey. The historic Blue Mosque, built in the 17th century and so named for its interior blue tiles, greets us as we continue our quest to walk around the globe in honor of the Hometown Teams Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition. Speaking of sports, the other sound that greets us in Istanbul is the sound of sports fans cheering. What sports are big in Istanbul? The increasingly popular basketball joins football (soccer) as the favorite sports to watch and play.

Want to help KHC walk around the world? You can! Add your steps to our total count and help us reach our goal. Click here to download a Walking Scorecard to track your steps or minutes exercised. You can even pick up a pedometer to count your steps at the Hometown Teams Smithsonian exhibition in Atchison (on display through August 9), Perry, and Humboldt, and at participating Hometown Teams partner sites.

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