KHC Awards Seven Summer Grants

Hoxie schoolchildren pose for a class photo. Photo courtesy of Sheridan County Historical Society.

Hoxie schoolchildren pose for a class photo. Photo courtesy of Sheridan County Historical Society.

KHC recently awarded $44,398 in Humanities and Heritage grants to seven organizations. Local contributions to the projects are estimated at $179,698. 

Sheridan County Historical Society, Hoxie ($3,209) 
Sheridan County Historical Society Photo Preservation Project
A project to preserve, catalog, and index approximately 2,500 school and alumni photographs from Northwest Kansas in the 19th and 20th centuries. Jan Moore, project director. 

Lucas Arts & Humanities Council ($3,485) 
Digitizing Kansas Grassroots Art Environment Videos
A preservation project to transfer and digitally store thirty uncut video tapes featuring Kansas folk artists working in their home environments. Peter Max Lawrence, project director.

Rice County Historical Society, Lyons ($3,269) 
Agricultural Choices
An oral history project to gather interviews from local farmers and their relatives about the decisions they make while working in agriculture. Interviews will be featured in an upcoming museum exhibit. Charlene Akers, project director. 

United Way of the Plain, Wichita ($10,000)
Dirty Paws: Homelessness, Companionship and Identity in Wichita, Kansas
An ethnographic short film that centers on the relationship between homeless individuals and their pets in Wichita. A film screening and panel discussion are planned. Sarah Taylor, project director.

Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation, Manhattan ($10,000) 
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve: A Flint Hills Love Story
A documentary film that focuses on the historical, environmental, and social significance of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Chase County. Dave Kendall, project director. 

Sociedad Hidalgo, Inc., Shawnee ($5,000) 
Latin American Cinema Festival XXIV
A bilingual film festival that features five films and discussions that highlight Latin American culture. Gloria Bessenbacher, project director. 

Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita ($9,435)
Postdate: Photography and Inherited History of India
A museum exhibition and series of public programs exploring the 1947 partition of India. Jana Durfee, project director.

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