#HealthySelfie: Celebrate National Day of Walking with KHC

Healthy Selfie

It’s widely know that April 1st is April Fool’s Day, but did you also know that it’s the National Day of Walking? It’s no joke that walking for even 30 minutes a day yields significant health benefits for men and women. In honor of the National Day of Walking and our “Hometown Teams” initiative, join KHC on April 1st by taking a “Healthy Selfie.” Snap a photo of yourself on your walk, your walking shoes, the view from your walk, your walking buddy, your pedometer, etc., to post on Instagram. It’s easy:

1. Follow KHC on Instagram at @kshumanities

2. Snap a Healthy Selfie and post it to your Instagram. Be sure to include #healthyselfie, #hometownteamsks, and tag @kshumanities in the caption.

3. KHC will share your Healthy Selfie on our Instagram feed: www.instagram.com/kshumanities

4. No Instagram account? No problem. Send your Healthy Selfie to tracy(at)kansashumanities.org and KHC will post it on Instagram.