New Humanities Catalog Available

AUG 18 SB Catalog copyJust a click connects you with Kansas speakers presenting over 50 new topics in KHC’s new Humanities catalog. The catalog showcases both traditional and innovative lectures and civic engagement opportunities available free to Kansas nonprofits, as funding allows. These Speakers Bureau topics are broad in spirit with more diverse themes, ideas, and approaches that look toward the future while we also respect and learn about the past. Inside you will find talks and events that address important themes for Kansans today:

Created Equal: Commemorate fifty years since the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 with presentations about the Civil Rights Movement, the rights of Native Americans, and the actions of the Supreme Court.

Our Shared World: Presentations explore the history, policies, and personal stories that come about when different cultures intersect.

Commemorating World War I: 100 years after the “war to end all wars,” these presentations examine the great complexities faced within the trenches, in the air, on the home front, and after the Armistice.

Culture in Context: Presentations highlight the varying ways literature, film, the visual arts, and popular culture are used to signify our place in time.

The Civil War: Talks and readers theater opportunities focus on the people who lived during the Civil War, bringing their triumphs and struggles to life.

Heritage and Traditions: From foodways to quilting, music to cowboys, these presentations look at how our traditions identify and connect us to our Midwestern roots.

Uniquely Kansas: These presentations – ranging from fun to fascinating, heartbreaking to inspiring – are unified by the common theme that Kansans have impacted our world.

Click here to find out how you can bring a KHC Speakers Bureau event to your community. Contact Leslie Von Holten, director of programs, at leslie(at) for more information.