National Arts & Humanities Month Week 3


October is National Arts & Humanities Month. Gather ideas and insights with humanities events supported by the Kansas Humanities Council each week this month.

Week 3: Save a Story

Think you don’t have a story to tell? Think again. The Kinsley Library staff believes that everyone has a story to tell. To that end, the library staff has preserved and shared dozens of local oral histories from World War II veterans and children of the Great Depression to postwar community leaders and participants in the 1979 Tractorcade to Washington, D.C. What remains is a priceless audio archive of life in rural Kansas in the 20th century. These projects were supported by the KHC Heritage Grant program. Watch the KHC 5-Minute film about Kinsley’s oral history projects and click here to browse their oral histories.

Ready to save a story? Record an oral history with a relative, neighbor, or community member. Not sure what to ask? StoryCorps’ National Day of Listening website has a number of resources to help you conduct and share your story. Want to take on a community oral history project? Click here to learn more about KHC Heritage Grants.