Hometown Teams: Ladies First

Hometown Teams_Title Treatment_SM_color_FNLKHC is pleased to announce a special tour of Hometown Teams, a Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition coming to Kansas in 2015. Click here for the eligibility requirements and application.

Hometown Teams explores the ways sports build and unite communities. The enthusiasm and dedication of fans, athletes, and coaches bond us across time, cultures, generations, and geography. Applying to host Hometown Teams? Here are some stories and videos to use as inspiration for your Hometown Teams application as you consider your community’s unique sports story through the lens of the humanities. Note: inclusion of articles and videos in this post is not an endorsement.

Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Title IX legislation banned gender discrimination in federally funded educational programs, but women were playing sports long before then and they continue to break barriers today. Here are some examples:

“Sports is for everyone.” Tonight, tennis groundbreaker Billie Jean King becomes the first sports figured profiled on the  American Masters  PBS series. Learn how King paved the way for generations of female athletes.

A look at women in sports before Title IX. The Sport Journal.

1,561 girls played football last season. ESPN.

“The girl can actually play.” Football delivers a new direction for a Detroit high school student. The PostGame.

Does your community have a “Hometown Teams” story related to women in sports? Click here for more information about Hometown Teams. The application deadline is September 30, 2013.