Call for Speakers Bureau Proposals



Deadline: October 18, 2013
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KHC is seeking proposals for Speakers Bureau-style presentations that engage with the humanities in a meaningful way for a new Humanities catalog showcasing lectures, activities, and civic engagement opportunities for Kansans.

This past summer, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences released a report underlining the importance of the humanities in civic and cultural life. Our world is one defined by change, and Kansans today need the cultural, historical, and ethical content necessary to both understand the past and move toward the future. As the report concludes, the humanities are “critical to our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, as described by our nation’s founders. They are the heart of the matter.” To this end, KHC’s new Humanities catalog will be broad in spirit.

For more information, contact Leslie Von Holten, program officer, at leslie(at)