Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11 Script Takes to Twitter

As a follow-up to the successful Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater project, Kansas Humanities Council plans to share the Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11 script with the Twitterverse. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s 1863 raid on Lawrence, KHC will post bite-sized excerpts of the Reader’s Theater project script during the month of August. History buffs, native Kansans, and those interested in learning more about this notorious part of history on the Kansas-Missouri border are encouraged to engage in this KHC-led event!

Image via: twitter.com.

Image via: twitter.com.

Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11 is a compilation of primary sources that range from letters and witness accounts to historical and contemporary newspaper articles. Historians from Kansas and Missouri have reviewed the primary source material, script, and citations to ensure accuracy. The Shared Stories of the Civil War project is a partnership between Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area and the Kansas Humanities Council.

The Kansas Humanities Council is excited to share the story of Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11 through Twitter and a corresponding blog post series. From August 1 to the anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid on August 21, @kshumanities will share chronological excerpts of the script.  A short teaser will appear along with links to the full text of that day’s excerpt. Twitter followers can click on the short link to read the entirety of the day’s script and access source citations on KHC’s blog. Watch the events of Quantrill’s raid unfold and digest a daily dose of Kansas history!

Each tweet will be posted with the Twitter handle #QR1863. Use this hashtag to comment, retweet, and share this rich piece of Civil War history with friends and the rest of the Twitterverse! Be sure to follow @kshumanities for updates about this project and click here to read the blog posts!