Remembering the Raid

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence and the issuance of Order No. 11, KHC is featuring excerpts from the “Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11” Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater script. The Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater project is a partnership between KHC and the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.                                                  

1925 Reunion of Quantrill's Raid Survivors

1925 Reunion of Quantrill’s Raid Survivors, Photo courtesy of:, Kansas State Historical Society. Copy and Reuse Restrictions apply.

                                                                                                     READER 4: Who and what were the raiders who came to Lawrence to murder and destroy [They] were technically Confederate soldiers, but they received no orders, made no reports, and were in every way as irresponsible as when they were stealing horse and cattle and Negroes on their own account . . . [Quantrill was] a thin, cold, bloodless man with great personal vanity, jealous of all who dared to try to divide the spot-light with him, cruel and relentless in all his methods . . .

The day of restoration and requital will come, and when that eternal day has dawned, joy, God given, unspeakable joy, will have come with the morning.

Charles Sumner Gleed, “The Lawrence Massacre and Its Lessons,” delivered August 21, 1913, Lawrence, Kansas.

READER 5: The story of the raid never grows cold here and the blood of the old settlers who survived the blood lusting raiders, still boils when they read each year of the celebrations at Independence of the very men who shot down their friends and neighbors and relatives and burned their homes and stores.

Lawrence Daily Journal-World, August 21, 1909.

Where does Quantrill’s Raid fit in Civil War history? Tomorrow, watch for the second-to-last blog post!