Commemorating Victims and Survivors

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence and the issuance of Order No. 11, KHC is featuring excerpts from the “Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11” Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater script. The Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater project is a partnership between KHC and the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.                                                  

1913 Reunion of Quantrill's Raid Survivors

1913 Reunion of Quantrill’s Raid Survivors, Photo courtesy of: Library of Congress.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in Lawrence, survivors of the Raid met to commemorate the losses of their friends and family members. Beginning with the first on August 21, 1891, reunions were held by the Association of Survivors of Quantrill’s Massacre so that “the young generation should learn of the patriotism that actuated those who saved Lawrence from the invaders.” These meetings were not held annually — mainly because of disagreements over how to properly commemorate the event. In 1913, on the 50th anniversary of the raid, a list of survivors was compiled and 200 of the remaining 550 living survivors were in attendance. There were, however, contradictory feelings.

READER 3: The sorrows of those days live with us and the memory of heroism cannot be allowed to perish. But the bitterness is gone.

Lawrence Daily Journal-World, August 22, 1913.

The violence of Quantrill’s Raid lived on in the minds of many nineteenth-century Kansans. Check back tomorrow for a glimpse into their thoughts on the attack.