Civil War on the Western Front

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence and the issuance of Order No. 11, KHC is featuring excerpts from the “Quantrill’s Raid and Order Number 11” Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater script. The Shared Stories of the Civil War reader’s theater project is a partnership between KHC and the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area.                                                  

Monument Honoring Victims of Quantrill's Raid

Monument Honoring Victims of Quantrill’s Raid, Photo courtesy of:, Kansas State Historical Society. Copy and Reuse Restrictions apply.

NARRATOR: For Kansans and Missourians, there still remain competing opinions about how to remember and commemorate the Civil War on the western front.

READER 1: The Lawrence Massacre will always stand among the marked massacres of the world. In some respects it was unique, and had features of its own that distinguished it from any other. In the suddenness with which it fell, the speed with which it was accomplished, the hatred and vindictiveness with which it was persecuted, the violence and brutality by which it was characterized, it stands alone as something unique in history.

Rev. Richard Cordley, “Memorial Sermon,” August 21, 1892.

Stay tuned for final thoughts on Order No. 11 and the Border Wars tomorrow morning.