A Hay Town’s Heyday

haytown_agribusinessAgricultural work has changed dramatically since the 1800s when Independence, Kan., was known as a “Hay Town” (a nickname derived from the many homes built from hay bales). Visitors to The Way We Worked: Hay Town to Agribusiness exhibition at the Independence Historical Museum and Art Center experience the changes in farming over the last century through stories from Montgomery County farm families, traditional agricultural implements, and a look at 21st Century agribusiness and agritourism. The exhibition is part of KHC’s The Way We Worked in Kansas initiative and is on display through June 23rd.

On June 23, the museum hosts David Vail, an agricultural historian from Kansas State University, as he presents “A Historical Sketch of the Way We Worked in Montgomery County, KS from 1850 to the Present.” Click here for more information about Hay Town to Agribusiness, including an online gallery of photos from the exhibition.