Serving Up History in Harvey County

The friendly diner waitress. The heroic firefighter. The dignified funeral director. These workers, and others,  all serve essential roles in our community today and have done so for generations. “The Way We Worked: Serving Harvey County” is a new exhibition at the Harvey County Historical Museum in Newton exploring the contributions of these workers and others – livery stable workers, laundresses, and domestic servants – over the county’s history.

As one of 16 “The Way We Worked in Kansas” Partner Sites, the Harvey County Historical Museum looked at the theme of work and working at the local level. In the process, Director Debra Hiebert and museum staff uncovered unique stories of Harvey County’s service workers, such as 19th century female business owner Lizzie Coult or the unexpected story of the dangers of railroad work uncovered while researching domestic servants.

Newton Steam Laundry“The Way We Worked: Serving Harvey County” opens on September 8 in the newly renovated Schroeder Gallery at the Harvey County Historical Museum. The museum offers related events through 2013. Visit the Harvey County Historical Museum’s website for the latest information and be sure to check out their “Voices of Harvey County” blog for more remarkable stories of Harvey County’s workers.